Summer Internship Program


The Summer Internship Program offers minimum-wage paid or unpaid jobs that include a commitment by the employer to devote time during the internship to acquaint interns with the full range of what the business, organization, or agency does and how, and the careers embedded in the enterprise.


The Career Exploration Initiative is able to assist a limited number of employers that cannot afford to pay the full minimum wage, and can provide stipends to interns working in unpaid positions. 

“I loved being outside and everyone that I worked with was very nice. I even still talk to them to this day, and in fact work with one of them now at my new job. Also Brittany at BYS was very helpful, she helped me in creating a resume.” —Summer Internship Program Participant

  • Timing: Summer

  • Duration: Number of hours per week/number of weeks defined by employer

  • Location: On- and off-island

  • Student age: 16 years or older

  • Application form: Required for both students and employers

  • Consent: Parent/Guardian Consent Form required (students are responsible for obtaining)

  • Remuneration: Paid internships are preferred; employers seeking unpaid internships are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis

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