Guiding Principles


Our vision is the creation of a learning environment where every student is:


  • Encouraged to pursue subject matters that excite them.

  • Introduced to subject matter-related careers and pathways.

  • Exposed to the rich diversity of career opportunities available within community-based enterprises.

  • Given access to real-world work experience through participation in work-based learning opportunities prior to high school graduation.

  • Imbued with a strong work ethic.

  • Equipped with basic workplace skills.

“I learned a lot of different skills through this internship, but I think the most valuable thing was learning how to be flexible in a busy work environment. I often had to drop a task at a moment's notice in order to complete another. It really forced me to be organized with my time and learn how to adapt.”
—Jeffrey Tappen, BHS 11th Grader

Goals of the Career Exploration Initiative


  1. To encourage every Bainbridge Island employer to recognize the value of work-based learning opportunities to themselves and middle and high school students in the Bainbridge Island School District (BISD), and view the provision of these opportunities as an integral part of their business plans and operations.

  2. To have 100 employers participate in program initiatives during summer 2020, and to have the percentage of employers offering work-based learning opportunities to BISD middle and high school students increase annually by 10% during each of the next five years.

  3. To reach every BISD middle and high school student with information on the nature, availability, and benefits of work-based learning opportunities.

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