Work-Based Learning Works


Students approaching high-school graduation are asked to make important decisions that may define the rest of their lives. We want these decisions to be as well-informed, inspired, and field-tested as possible.  

The Career Exploration Initiative works with businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agency employers across Kitsap County to provide high school students work-based learning through these three programs:

All programs occur during the academic summer break. Aside from the Summer Internship Program, specific to employer-paid internships, participation is free. 

“I had a great experience.”

—Summer Internship Program Participant

Objectives for Employers

  • Educate and excite potential future employees about the nature of, and career opportunities associated with, your work.

  • Share stories on employee career pathways.

  • Enhance students' work ethic and workplace skills.

  • Make a significant and meaningful contribution to the lives and future employability of our youth.

Objectives for Students

  • Identify potential career interests and explore career opportunities and pathways.

  • Establish a long-term relationship with potential employers.

  • Develop a strong work ethic and workplace skills.

  • Make informed decisions on what to do next after graduation.

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