Coffee & Careers Program


The Coffee & Careers Program yields a high return on a small investment: just an hour of conversation can shape a student's life path. 


Through the Coffee & Careers Program, a student meets informally with an employee or retired professional working in the student's fields of interest. The jobholder shares their background, work experience, and career choices while illuminating their field and its pros and cons. The student can ask questions and explore how the career fits with their areas of interest and aptitude.


Duration: 60 minutes

Location: Participating coffee shops on Bainbridge Island

Benefits to jobholders:

  • Meet young people from different backgrounds with potentially fresh and innovative views on the host’s world.

  • Potential recruiting ground for internships or future employees.

  • Satisfaction of doing good for young people within your community and helping them make better informed job and career decisions.

Instructions for Hosts

Instructions for Participants

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