Coffee & Careers Program


The Coffee & Careers Program yields a high return on a small investment: just an hour of your time can shape a student's life path.


In this career exploration activity, current employers, working professionals, and retired professionals in fields of interest to high school students meet with a student for casual conversation over a free cup of coffee at participating coffee shops on Bainbridge Island. Students are responsible for initiating contact. Meetings are held on a day and at a time that is mutually convenient for the both parties.  


Professionals are asked to:

  1. Talk about what you do/did and how

  2. Review relevant educational and training experiences

  3. Describe your career pathways

  4. Answer student questions

  • Timing: Summer

  • Duration: Up to 90 minutes

  • Location: Participating coffee shops on Bainbridge Island

  • Students age: Middle- and high-school student

  • Application form: Required for both students and employers

  • Consent: Parent/Guardian Consent Form required (students are responsible for obtaining)

  • Remuneration: Unpaid (free coffee or tea!)

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