In these uncertain times, empowering our students is more vital than ever.

High school students approaching graduation are asked to make life-impacting decisions, often with little concrete experience or information. Many students don't yet know which fields align with their interests and aptitudes. Yet our teens are expected to choose formative next steps: Proceed to a four- or two-year college? Learn a trade? Enter the workforce?

Regardless of student ambition, COVID-19 has clouded the decision-making process with an uneasiness that profoundly impacts our students and their options. Given a questionable economy, the highest unemployment rates since the Great Depression, and a radically changing world of work, exploring potential careers is more critical than ever

Just as businesses and nonprofits are pivoting or embarking on wholesale reinvention to meet our new and evolving landscape, we must rapidly adapt career exploration tools to equip students for success as they move into the future. The challenges are great—as are the opportunities. With creativity and flexibility, we can empower our youth to design rewarding careers and lead satisfying lives. 

To facilitate this process, the Career Exploration Initiative has partnered with FindMino, an innovative platform that empowers students to assess their interests through a simple self-assessment and a dive deep into what resonates. Through our Coffee & Careers Program and other initiatives, students can connect online with experienced jobholders in fields of interest to discuss real-world career pathways—a process that increases students’ options, confidence, and sense of self. 

We invite students as well as experienced jobholders to join us in this initiative. We all have a stake—and an important role—in the success of our youth.

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“My mom helps me figure out what colleges might be best for me, and school counselors do, but I have felt pretty alone trying to figure out what I want to do in my career, and the next steps in life. FindMino was so helpful to me and gave me new ways of exploring what I do well with what’s out there. I learned about new careers I hadn’t even considered before. It was easy.“ —Katherine, age 17, high school senior

The Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island and Bainbridge Youth Services believe life-design decisions should be informed and inspired. Working in collaboration with FindMino, we created the Career Exploration Initiative to equip our students in their decision-making processes.

Students: The future is yours

American teens are worried about the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic on their future. As CNBC reported, a survey of 1,000 teens conducted in April 2020 revealed that:

  • 57% of teenagers said they were concerned about how COVID-19 will affect their life after high school.

  • 27% of juniors and seniors said their plans for after graduation have changed.

  • 58% of juniors and seniors said they were more likely to take out a student loan to pay for college.

We help students navigate the future:

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Jobholders: Your experience matters

Our Coffee & Careers Program yields a high return on a small investment: just an hour of your time can shape a student's life path. Join the Career Exploration Initiative and put your hard-won experience to exponential use!

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